our story

I started NoahNoa crafts as a way to experiment and explore with fiber arts to raise money for my family's adventure in surrogacy. As anyone knows, surrogacy can be an expensive undertaking (estimates are around 120k but can be even more). While my husband and I have great day-jobs, we still wanted to find creative ways to raise money. Thus, NoahNoa was born.

My craft and passion is knitting, but I've explored dying yarn and weaving as well. I've been a knitter for a little over five years, my first project being a ribbed scarf to give to my sister for Christmas. I'll never forget binding off the last few stitches, eager to start my next project. Over time, I discovered the joys of the different types of fiber, fell in love with the colors and mathematics of the patterns, and branched out into other ways I could experiment with yarn. It's a hobby, but also a passion.

The name NoahNoa came from looking at baby names. I've always had an interest in etymology and understanding the meaning behind words. I discovered that Noah meant "comfort," and Noa (the female version of Noah) meant "movement." Comfort. Movement. I hope that by starting NoahNoa crafts, I can bring comfort to the world as we hope to bring a wee one into our own.

Thank you and welcome,