My first sale

Wow, what happened to January? It's already February 1, and I'm currently writing this while I'm on a business trip to Michigan. Like any person trying to start a side gig, it can be tough to stay focused and keep all the plates spinning. Sometimes I'll take small steps (like tweaking my website here and there), sometimes it will be big leaps and bounds. The main goal right now is to move forward for the purpose of raising money for our future baby. 

Speaking of small steps, I sold my first item! I sat next to a wonderful gentleman named Remington on the plane ride to Minneapolis. As he sat down, he noticed my knitting and struck up a conversation. Normally I'm one to keep to myself on the plane, but knitting in public has a way of either confusing people or sparking a conversation. Remington and I talked for the entire plane ride, discussing knitting, his ski trip, our day jobs, etc., all the while continuing to knit and finish the hat. We joked that the hat looked like it wouldn't fit a child--I was actually a little nervous for a minute! As we began our final descent, I was able to bind off and weave in the ends. I had Remington try it on - it fit! I told Remington he should keep it - it looked great on him, and it was a way to say thank you for being a great neighbor on the plane. He insisted on paying for me though, and eventually sneaked some cash in my project bag. I was thrilled! It was a humbling moment, and a plane ride I will remember for a long time. More importantly, it was a push forward to continue on this journey and work hard to make beautiful items for people to love. 

Remington's new NoahNoa hat

This leads me to a few quick shop updates! If you've checked out my site recently, you may notice a few changes. One, the welcome page no longer says "coming soon!" We're here! Second, I have a picture up. I know, more are needed (those are still coming soon). Third, I'm accepting requests for commissions. Until I get some of my finished products done, I'm actually in a great place to become a "knitter-for-hire." So, for those of you who don't knit (or don't knit yet!) and are looking for a handmade gift or treasure, feel free to submit a request. I'd love to create your very own NoahNoa knit to enjoy!               


Benjamin Holladay-McCann