Hello, world.

Hey there. My name is Ben, and welcome to NoahNoa Crafts! I'll be your host for the next five minutes on this blog (or less if you get bored and click elsewhere). But while I have you here, let me tell you why we're here. 

My husband Erik and I are starting a family. Well, trying to start a family. We decided that we would like to start a family through surrogacy, which is both exciting and challenging. You see, surrogacy costs a lot of money - well above $100,000 on average. Our budget right now is $120,000, and we are about 25% funded. So, we have a long way to go to make this dream come true. 

We are looking for a lot of way to bring down this cost and burden. Despite having great jobs and a decent amount of savings, $120,000 is a lot to ask for without either waiting years upon years to grow our savings even bigger, or take out an extraordinary loan amount (with extraordinary payments!). So what are we doing about it? Well - a lot. Like a business trying to increase profits, we're trying to both lower our expenses and raise our savings. There are a lot of creative ways to do this - shop around for IVF clinics, look for discounted programs and services, find an egg donor on our own, apply for grants and donations, even crowdfund (which you can do right now by clicking that "Donate" button above!).

But speaking of creative, that leads me to this site. By day, I'm a CPA and database guy. But my creative passion is fiber crafts, including knitting and dying yarn, and I'm starting to explore weaving (and even spinning!). This seemed like it would be a great way to raise a little extra money - by creating knitting patterns and finished goods for good people like yourself to enjoy. 

I used to have a manager who would ask us "what's the first incremental step to get this project going?" Well - for NoahNoa Crafts (more on that name in a future post), this is it. I have a little ways to go before I'm fully ready to launch the shop, but over the next few months you can follow the journey here on the blog. I'll be sharing both stories on the surrogacy journey and the creative endeavor. To be notified of any big news, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter below. 



Benjamin Holladay-McCann